Due to popular demand, our team went live again on Friday 19th June 2020.

Our talented DJ’s and MC’s played back to back all through the evening, from 6pm till late. If you missed the show then simply scroll down! We have all the individual DJ sets and the epic duel DJ sets ready for you to watch in your own time.

To re-watch part one, head over to our previous blog to catch all the videos. In the meantime, enjoy part 2 and be sure to follow us on our social media via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @ritzy_music to keep updated. You can even subscribe to our YouTube channel @ritzymusic to ensure you don’t miss out on anything!

For future information, bookings or enquiries please contact Pritpal on 07803400123 or Vinay on 07721716669.
Please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you tuned in to the next live!


Ritzy Live II: Enjoy the Show!

Dips Danjal heating up your speakers:


DJ Jas raising the roof:


Pumping set from DJ Dali:


Only good energy with DJ HarryUK:


DJ Harvey MK2 causing chaos:


Fire in the booth with DJ Jagi:


Dee bringing those late night vibes:


Special guest DJ Pradz killing his garage set:




Duel DJ Sets:

Dipz Danjal & DJ Jas:


Dipz Danjal & DJ Harry UK:


DJ Jagi & DJ Harvey MK2:


DJ Dali & DJ Harry UK:


DJ Harvey MK2 & DJ Harry UK:




Meet Team Ritzy:

A huge thank you to the DJs, MCs and all the team that work behind the scenes to make things happen! This is Team Ritzy…